Some of my first memories revolve around art and creativity.  As a young child I was able to see the world in a way that seperated me from other children my age.  I loved to stare at the sky, daydream and simply imagine exploring the world.  While as young as 5 years old I would draw figures.  With the encouragement of my family, specifically my mother and Uncle Johnnie, I knew I could accomplish all that I desired.

While born and raised in Baltimore City I was exposed to the pains of urban life, however, the joys of Baltimore encompassed my family, friends and great memories.  This is what inspired me to pick up a camera at age 19 and start photographing everything.  My natural artistic abilities drew me to create beauty in raw and gritty street scenes that typically turned people off.  My drive for learning enabled me to take initiative and educate myself on all aspects of photography.  Years later, I would go on to study film photography at MICA (Maryland Institute, Colleg of Art).  This began my journey into Black and White phtography.  I developed film in my mom’s basement hence the name, “Basement Designs”.

Today, I have fused my origins in traditional film photography with that of modern technology.  I am continually striving to perfect my craft in digital photography, which has allowed me much versatility as well as new ways in which to display my creativity.  Many of my pieces are abstract so as to chanllenge and manipulate the human brain.  This sparks imagination and creativity in the viewer.

My main goal in life is to embrace creativity in children and adults through my art and other talents.  through “Basement Designs”, I am able to give back to my commmunity by providing for other self-taught artists.  Masement Designs serves as a vessel for those artists to expose their work.  My art is an extension of my feelings, my life and my culture.  It serves to liberate all and express positivity in the world…

Michael Anthony Jones